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How We Started

McDaniel Excavating was formally established in 2017. Trent McDaniel, the owner, was busy growing his first business, The Tree Guy – a full service tree company, when the market began to show him a need for more custom site work. In an effort to supply his customers with the work they needed done, he bought a fleet of heavy equipment and hired experienced operators to meet this growing demand. What began as small work here and there has turned into years of tailored earth forming and land clearing projects for commercial entities and farmers in the Central Ohio area.

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What We Do

Civil Site Construction

  • Commercial Site Development
  • Residential Site Development
  • Excavation, Grading, Utilities

3D Modeling & Machine Control

  • Precision Drone Mapping
  • GPS Machine Guidance
  • 3D Site Modeling

Clearing & Site Preparation

  • Erosion Control & SWPPP
  • Deforestation & Logging
  • Forestry Mowing
Drone Work

How We Do It

Emerging technology has overhauled the civil construction trades exponentially in the last few years. McDaniel Excavating is a progressive company with a focused awareness on exactly how important those changes have been.

In fact, we believe that using cutting edge technology is inseparable from our commitment to our customers: we offer efficient and effective project results in the fastest time possible.

From using drones to turn civil job sites into a virtual reality experience that can be precisely measured and shared, to running bladed machines that cut soils using 3D GPS guidance, and empowering our skilled labor force with digital instrumentation – McDaniel Excavating embraces all of the latest technologies for earthwork and underground utility projects.

21st Century Business

Our business orbits around good information before, during, and after we perform work for you. We believe our office and field workforces should be connected, guided, monitored, and measured using cohesive, sharable technologies that improve our performance and accountability.

21st Century Office

Intelligent project analysis and estimating starts with digitally twinning your job site. We utilize powerful 3D modeling software to analyze and assess your project needs, costs and productions. Having powerful analytics sets our field force up for maximum efficiency.

21st Century Field

Once a digital twin of your job site is built and understood by our office team, communication and expectations are easily streamlined with our field personnel by using our on site technologies to constantly monitor and measure progress using the models as a single source of truth.

What We Use

Equipping your construction project with state-of-the-art construction equipment and cutting-edge technology is the only way we operate.

Our machines are the latest and greatest, each with its unique set of capabilities, from high-powered cranes to powerful tractors and precision GPS bulldozers, our fleet is second to none!

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